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A chimney fire from the modern air tight stoves can generate a heat shock of over 2000 degrees Farenheit for over 30 minutes. Before SOLID/FLUE nothing in your home was designed to contain such temperatures. It used to be 'bad luck' if you had a home fire from a chimney fire, today, it is 'good luck' if you don't. The extreme heat generated by a chimney fire from today's solid fuel equipment exceeds the capability of common masonry to protect you.

Even without a home fire from your chimney fire you are probably well aware how lucky you were. A 2,000 degree fire running amuck in your home does seem to get our attention. The resulting fractures to your clay liner and masonry (block or Brick)are a further hazard to your home and require your attention prior to your chimney being returned to use. Continued use after damage has been done will see increased creosote accumulations, with some seeping through the fractures to lodge between the tile liner and the masonry. Subsequent burnouts can cause that creosote to burn over an extended period of time and be an even a greater hazard to your home than the roaring fire we often associate with a chimney fire.

An SOLID/FLUE relining of your chimney can often be completed just days after your chimney fire and will seal the fractures in your masonry chimney. SOLID/FLUE has been tested to extremes that exceed current High Temperature standards (UL 1777, ULC S640M, and UL 127).

Durability? Yes, SOLID/FLUE can be expected to last in excess of 20 years. With it's patented ability to resist moisture penetration and it's superior structure strength you will have years of knowing that your chimney is protected. No other chimney liner offers this level of heat protection and strength.

All this protection and often no tear down of your chimney within your home. Reduced mess, short duration repair operation, and guaranteed results. That is a hard combination to beat.

SOLID/FLUE and CENTRAL MICHIGAN CHIMNEY can be the answer to your chimney fire damage.

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